Elevating Early Childhood

As a passionate network of advocates, Lincoln Littles raises opportunities for all children. Helping them gain access to quality care and education ensuring they are ready for school and a life of learning.

Lincoln Littles is transforming the landscape of early childhood by expanding high-quality choices and supporting families, early childhood providers, teachers, businesses and our community.

The collective work of Lincoln Littles helps “even the playing field,” especially at a time when brain development is critical – elevating early childhood for all of our children.

About Lincoln Littles

We believe all children have access to high quality early childhood care and education which lead to a more available workforce today and smarter workforce tomorrow. What started as 2,100 ideas to address the 2014 Lincoln Vital Signs findings, turned into a focused community agenda to lift Lincoln higher. That agenda, named Prosper Lincoln, was organized around these areas: Early Childhood, Innovative Workforce, Affordable Housing, Strong Neighborhoods and Civic Investments. People from all sectors of our city have stepped up to make Lincoln even better. Much has been accomplished. The next phase continues and deepens our focus on prosperity for all Lincolnites. Under the “Lincoln Littles” name, action strategies for Early Childhood include:

  • Promoting Step Up to Quality programs
  • Raising funds for early childhood scholarships
  • Developing a Lincoln Office for Early Childhood
  • Increasing quality, capacity, and sustainability

Big Partners

Acklie Charitable Foundation    Harbor of Dreams Foundation


Contact Us

Anne Brandt, Executive Director



Suzanne Schneider, Associate Director



Early Childhood Champions Team

John Neal-Tri Chair, Lincoln Public Schools
Tammy Ward-Tri Chair, City Council
Liz Ring Carlson-Tri Chair, Ameritas
Adelle Burke, City of Lincoln Mayor’s Office
Eric Buchanan, Buffett Early Childhood Fund
Ashley Rinaker, Harbor of Dreams
Meagan Liesveld, United Way
Halley Kruse, Acklie Foundation
Matt Larson, Lincoln Public Schools
Nola Derby Bennett, Community Learning Centers
Sherri Jones, UNL College of Education
Bruce Bohrer, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Jim Krieger, Gallup
Katie Haszard, Lincoln Industries
Kari Schmitz, Hudl
Lori Seibel, Community Health Endowment
Chris Funk, Center for People in Need
Lanny Boswell, LPS School Board
Tom Randa, Good Neighbor Center
Joel Stoltenow, Lutheran Family Services
Quentin Brown, Educare
Katie Mcleese Stephenson, HopeSpoke
Vi See, Community Action Partnership
Mary Kay Roth, Communications
Diane Temme, TMCO
Kate Bolz, Aide to the Mayor
Barbara Bartle, Lincoln Community Foundation
Betty Medinger, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation