Elevating Early Childhood by supporting businesses and our community.

How can my business support working parents?

Employer-supported child care refers to a variety of solutions, including on-site and off-site centers; emergency/backup care; subsidies and vouchers; and resource and referral, all offered to assist employees and their child care needs.

Employers win by keeping key employees, improving productivity and morale, and reducing missed hours. Employees benefit from reduced stress, increased job satisfaction, and peace of mind from knowing they have dependable care.

To learn low-cost or no-cost ways to support child care in your community, read this document created by First Five Nebraska.

Learn about Lincoln Littles’ and First Five Nebraska’s employer-supported solutions.

Find out more about First Five Nebraska’s Employer Early Childhood Accelerator, a partnership of Lincoln Littles.



Ways Lincoln Littles can support your employees and business:

  • Develop & analyze Lincoln Littles Survey to distribute to your employees
    • Benefit: Better understand childcare needs, potential benefits, and how Lincoln Littles resources can help support ECE needs among employees
  • Connect employee families to Lincoln Littles scholarships, child-care subsidies, and nearby providers
    • Benefit: Help employees access quality, affordable childcare
  • Facilitate connection to businesses providing childcare benefits to employees
    • Benefit: Help businesses expand benefits to meet increasing workforce needs & recruitment
  • Share EITC/CTC Fliers that businesses can post & share
    • Benefit: Increase access to tax credits among employees
  • Answer questions that businesses have about childcare, childcare benefits, early childhood, and ARPA childcare-related benefits