Big Ideas for Lincoln’s Littles

Access to high-quality, affordable child care provides a big boost to Nebraska’s prosperity. It enables working parents to pursue careers, empowers businesses to attract and retain top talent and promotes community growth. And it helps families give the next generation of Nebraskans the start they need for lifelong success. Since 2019, Lincoln Littles has been working to transform the early childhood landscape in Lincoln so more children and working parents have access to the high-quality child care they need. Those efforts include working with local businesses to better understand and address the child care needs of their own employees

Here’s how one local business took big steps to help Lincoln’s littles.

Solution: Employer-funded dependent care flexible spending accounts (DCFSA)

Founded in 1974, TMCO was recently named the 2023 Nebraska Manufacturer of the Year by the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The family-owned custom metal manufacturer, which employs over 200 people, was recognized for its innovative approach to conducting business through using products, processes, technologies and other strategies–including efforts to support working families.

Nebraska’s low unemployment rate has made it challenging for businesses to recruit and retain skilled workers. Yet, TMCO continues to thrive due to its family-friendly workplace environment. CEO Diane Temme Stinton has long advocated for policies that support working parents. To help make child care more affordable, TMCO reimburses employees up to 60% for the cost of child care. In 2024, TMCO preloaded reimbursements to employees’ dependent care accounts, so families have immediate access and financial support for child care that fits their unique needs.

“The increasing cost and lack of available care are real concerns that have caused people to leave the workforce at a time when unemployment is at historic lows. Innovative solutions are needed in cooperation with private and public sectors to address the problem,” Temme said.

With plans to open another production facility in the coming years, TMCO’s family-friendly culture will help keep its manufacturing lines running smoothly for years to come.