Sarah Dankenbring’s career has consisted of 20 years of dedication to helping create the strong foundations that shape a child’s trajectory. From working with infant, toddler, and preschool care, to a trainer and program manager for childcare, and a preschool directors position, Sarah’s love for working with children of all ages and their families is vast.

Sarah is joining Lincoln Littles in a new position focusing on strengthening the tuition assistance program, working to create and maintain the scholarships and programs that Lincoln Littles has to offer. Sarah said that this position allows her to ensure that there are “quality programs that are serving to fill the gap” in early childhood, ensuring that no one slips through the cracks and goes unnoticed in the care that they deserve.

Sarah said she realized her life calling for childcare work while helping adolescents  in a group home. The time she spent in social and community work helped strengthen her passion for building strong foundations for children to grow on.

“In the moment I didn’t realize the impact that social work had on me,” Sarah said. “Looking back on it was important to understand how it shaped me.”

Working for the group home Sarah learned the importance that relationships and support/guidance can have on children. Not only the importance in how it can affect who a person can become but also how it can help alter the current trajectory they’re taking.

By helping shape a child’s formative years and giving them a great start it creates a strong base to help learn skills they will need. Sarah’s goal is to see to it that every child has the opportunity to experience the building of a strong foundation that she’s passionate about.

Sarah was introduced to Lincoln Littles through her previous role as director at Westminster Preschool, utilizing the tuition assistance program to help her kiddos. Being able to work with Lincoln Littles helped create a strong bond and admiration for the work that they do. This encouraged Sarah to join the team and play an active role in fulfilling Lincoln Littles mission to elevate care.

Sarah said that she looks forward to “hearing other people’s stories about positive impacts they’ve helped make and creating relationships with providers.” Keeping a grasp and idea on the care and hard work that others are accomplishing helps inspire and encourage each other to expand on the important work they are doing for early childhood care.

Sarah is eager to dive into her new role at Lincoln Littles and explore all the ways that her new position helps her to reach more people. Through her work she hopes to further show the heart and passion that she carries for the care of our kiddos, expressing her desire to help elevate early childhood.