Elevating Early Childhood to even the playing field.

Little Details

  • 42% of Lincoln families with children under age 6 live in poverty* or near poverty
  • 3,665 children under age 5 in Lincoln live in families that fall below the poverty*
  • 78% of Lincoln’s children under 6 have all parents in the workforce
  • Lincoln parents at all income levels report expense as the biggest challenge to accessing
    high-quality care
  • In Lincoln, the average cost of childcare ($10,000-$14,500 per year) is more than the
    average cost of resident tuition for a year of public college ($8,978) (most recent 2017 data)
  • Most children under 5 who live in families below the poverty* threshold live with single
    moms (54%), followed by married couples (36%), and single dads (10%)
  • Lincoln Littles funding can support working families with a portion of tuition if they earn
    under 200% Federal Poverty Level*.

*100% of poverty level = $25,750 for a family of four. See full Federal Poverty Level chart.